Meet Dr. Diana

Dr. Diana is an accomplished educator, researcher, consultant, and author in STEAM Education. Her work includes Maker-Centered Learning, Challenge-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, and Design Thinking. Her expertise is featured in the documentary STEM Starts Now and was premiered at STEMie Fest 2020. She is the author of The STEAM Kids Guide 2 Awesome! and The Future is Female: STEAM Education Analysis.

In 2020, she graduated from The University of South Carolina with her Doctorate in Education specializing in STEAM Curriculum & Instruction. When Dr. Diana graduated from USC, she made history as the 1st person to study STEAM at the doctoral level. Her committee gave her special permission to graduate with a STEAM focus. She heard the word NO often and always thought, "how can I turn this into a YES?"

The heart of Dr. Diana’s work is focused on Women in STEM/STEAM & BIPOC role models. Her research and curriculum are designed around role models in the workforce and are focused on inclusion, diversity, equity, & access (IDEA). Her goal is to bring awareness and representation to the voices often left out of STEM/STEAM. This way all kids see role models that look like them and can relate to models of success. When kids believe they can achieve, they will.

Dr. Diana shares the power of practicing a STEAM Mindsetand learning how to foster innovation. STEAM Kids, LLC. is a consulting firm offering research, user-centered design & a mixed-methods approach. Featured accounts include expert research on media campaigns and consulting on STEM integration for companies. Additionally, STEAM Kids, LLC. designs professional development STEAM Education trainings and makerspaces for organizations looking to increase creativity, equity, and access (remote & on location).

For the 14 years, Dr. Diana worked as a classroom educator and presented at conferences training adults to design Makerspaces/STEAM Labs, educating on the practices & fostering hands-on, equitable learning. She works with participants virtually or on location through conferences such as The People of Color Conference, The National Science Teaching Association Conference, and Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero Conferences (10x).

She believes in giving back to the community and serves as a peer reviewer for Science & Children Magazine, a National Science Teaching Association publication, and the STEAM Education advisory board for Rising United. As a way of contributing to the community, STEAM Kids, LLC. publishes books featuring female and culturally inclusive role models in the workforce and provides free copies to kids and teachers in need. STEAM Kids also sells scientist, engineer, artist, etc. clothing so kids see themselves achieving in the field.

Thank you so much for all your support! Always remember that you're a star & your voice matters. Fail forward.

Yours in problem solving,

Dr. Diana K. Lockwood-Bordaña

she/her/Mexican American


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